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I've shot numerous weddings in Surrey. As my reputation spreads farther out into the wider south east of England it looks like I'll be working in this lusciously green and pleasant county more often. Which is fine with me – it's such a beautiful place, so pretty and romantic.

What my Surrey wedding photography services bring to the party

As a professional and highly experienced wedding photographer, Surrey is one of my favourite locations. It's a place where it's easy to make the surroundings look their most magical, the light look its most romantic, the crowds of happy guests look their best. There's something about the rich English greenery, patchwork of fields, ancient woodland, wealthy towns and quaint unspoiled villages that makes for particularly lovely wedding snaps, and there are some superb wedding venues to choose from. Here are just a few of them:

What you can expect from my Surrey wedding photo services

So what can you expect if you take me on as your wedding photographer in Surrey? The first thing to say is this: it's your day, and the first thing we'll do together is sit down and decide exactly how you'd like me to capture the happiest event of your life, the way both of you want to remember it.

Candid, reportage, artistic, alternative and traditional wedding photos

If you want a traditional suite of formal photos of groups of family and friends, all perfectly posed and looking their gorgeous best, that's excellent. The same goes for relaxed, reportage style photos packed with personality, or a blend of both. If you want your photos in black and white, or a mix of monochrome and colour, that'd be lovely. If you want them all in colour, that's equally lovely. Whatever your venue, whether it's a castle or a pub garden, it's my job to make you happy - your wish is my command!

What if you don't know what you want?

If you haven't a clue what you want and need a wedding photographer who has the experience and knowledge to make creative recommendations, just ask. I'll talk you through all the options and help you decide up front how you'd like your wedding to be immortalised, so you can relax and forget all about me on the big day itself. The best wedding photographers blend into the background. The last thing you want is some bloke popping up in the middle of things, interrupting conversations and taking over. You need an unobtrusive professional presence, someone who's neither seen nor heard until they're needed to pose people for formal shots, if formal photos is what you want. I'll spend the day snapping away in the background, capturing shots so evocative that you'll treasure them forever. Every time you look at your wedding photos you'll be spirited back to that wonderful day, the day everything fell into place.

Am I a romantic?

Yes I am, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I love a wedding, I love the flamboyance, the style, the happiness, and the tears, the pomp and the ceremony. There can't be a better job than mine, can there? Together we'll make your wedding totally unforgettable. And I guarantee you the results will be a million times better than the unprofessional yet well-intended efforts of friends and relatives with cheap digital cameras and mobile phones. If all that sounds good, lets talk about your Surrey wedding photographer requirements.



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